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To whom much is given, much is expected. This expression is so often quoted yet dozens of organizations are struggling to survive as public and private corporate funding is cutback. On this page, I share info about some amazing work being done by charities I have chosen to support. I encourage you to help out as you can, be it with your time, expertise, or finances.

Cabrini Green Legal Aid (CGLA)

CGLA’s mission is to seek justice and mercy for those living in poverty by providing legal services and social supports that strengthen lives, families and communities. Our vision is to proactively fill the void of legal representation, wraparound services and advocacy for people affected by the criminal justice system. Join me and CGLA in partnering with scores of law firms, corporations, community organizations, and law schools to change lives. Untitled-1.fw


Chicago Public Radio WBEZ

Chicago Public Media serves the public interest by creating and delivering diverse, compelling content that informs, inspires, enriches and entertains. Through a broad range of media platforms, we connect diverse audiences in our service area and beyond to one another. We help them make a difference in our communities, our region, and our world.
Sample video of why I love WBEZ. Mainstream television and cable do not show these kinds of dIves into stories that may not be commercial enough to merit advertising. the logo of.fw


Highlighting the following additional organizations:

Washington University in St. Louis

Washington University’s mission is to discover and disseminate knowledge, and protect the freedom of inquiry through research, teaching, and learning.
Washington University creates an environment to encourage and support an ethos of wide-ranging exploration. Washington University’s faculty and staff strive to enhance the lives and livelihoods of students, the people of the greater St. Louis community, the country, and the world.

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Leadership Greater Chicago

Leadership Greater Chicago (LGC) is a 30-year-old nonprofit organization that cultivates Chicago’s business, public and civic leaders through a deeper understanding of the issues facing our community and each other, helping them to build a better Chicago.

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My New Red Shoes

The mission of My New Red Shoes is to help homeless and low-income children look and feel confident as they start the school year by providing them with new clothing and shoes and by rallying youth and adults around this effort through volunteer and educational opportunities for individuals, families, schools, corporations, and community groups.

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A Wider Circle

The mission of A Wider Circle™ is simple: to help children and adults lift themselves out of poverty. Each day, A Wider Circle provides basic need items to families transitioning out of shelters or simply living without life’s necessities.

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Access Living

Established in 1980, Access Living is a change agent committed to fostering an inclusive society that enables Chicagoans with disabilities to live fully-engaged and self-directed lives. Nationally recognized as a leading force in the disability advocacy community, Access Living challenges stereotypes, protects civil rights and champions social reform.

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Covenant House

Founded in 1972, Covenant House is the largest privately funded agency in the Americas helping homeless kids, providing crisis care and ongoing support at 21 facilities.

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Teen Living Programs

Teen Living Programs delivers comprehensive, long-term solutions to youth without homes who strive for self-sufficiency and community connection. TLP offers housing, job training, educational support, mental health counseling, holistic health care, and life skills training within a community of professional and passionate support.

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Chicago Arts Partnerships in Education

CAPE is both an educational organization and an arts organization, making it unique among both. CAPE serves education by providing an integrated arts education program that blends innovation, consistency and research into teachable programs that really work. As an arts organization, CAPE encourages the professional development of teaching artists in the visual arts, dance, music and theater.

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Literacy Works

Literacy Works’ mission is to fulfill the promise of a basic human right: to read, write, and interpret the world. To accomplish its mission, Literacy Works promotes adult literacy and family literacy in Chicago through training to volunteer tutors, unique workshops for adult literacy students, and an array of services that strengthen community-based adult and family literacy programs.

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TPAN | Test Positive Aware Network

TPAN empowers people living with HIV through peer-led programming, support services, information dissemination, and advocacy. We also provide services to the broader community to increase HIV knowledge and sensitivity, and to reduce the risk of infection.

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WTTW Channel 11 Public Television

WTTW is a premier public media organization committed to creating and presenting unique television and digital media content… dedicated to bringing Chicago and the world together and invite our audiences to explore the knowledge and creative life of the arts, sciences, humanities, and public affairs; …committed to diverse perspectives, accessibility, innovation, community engagement, and life-long learning; …trusted by parents, grandparents, care-givers, and teachers and provide educational content that promotes the healthy development of our children; …balanced in our objective, in-depth reporting and encourage our audiences to engage in dialogue and make informed decisions.

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