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I’m at 45 Countries!

Life to me is all about connections and relationships, so it’s no surprise that I love traveling and exploring the world. The opportunity to meet new people, see amazing sights, try out new food, and build lasting memories is almost addictive. I love it. And I like to share it with others. This page is about sharing a piece of my journey with others. Perhaps one day we will be in the same city, in the same cafe, enjoying a new cultural experience. Perhaps we can create a shared memory.

Tracking My “50 by 50” Target – World Travel Map

Countries that are colored or have a red pin (smaller countries) are those where I have lived, worked, or vacationed. I recently removed UAE because I never left Dubai airport,  and Namibia and Zambia because I barely crossed the border from Botswana and Zimbabwe.

Use the search box to find content on this site relating to any of the countries. Below is the full list of countries I have added to my trek so far. Keep exploring!

Countries Visited List (Alphabetical)
Countries Visited List (by Region)

Asia / Pacific

North America


Central/South America


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