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Track my goal to live, work, or vacation in at least 50 countries before turning 50.

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Driving Value. Follow my professional activities, with bio, resume and other information.

Finding Balance. Experience with me some of the reasons I work. This is Adam.

Reaching Back. Learn about some amazing work being done by these great charities.

Exploring The World. Track my goal to explore 50 countries before age 50.

Connections. Follow my blog on technology, leadership, food and life.

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Highly focused on relationships, I have built strong connections with executives, vendor partners, and teams that have come from dozens of countries with varied backgrounds and skills. I use social media and this website to maintain and grow those relationships, connections that make life matter. Please connect with me on social media and take a few minutes to visit my blog.

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Journey with me in writing as I contemplate leadership, technology, food, and life in my personal blog. Here are some recent posts.

Effective partnerships drive innovation

| Leadership, Relationships, Technology, Vendors and Partners | No Comments

What Makes a Great Partnership? The business world today is in a state of flux. New companies enter the ecosystem every day, bringing with them new technologies and business models,…

Do IT Like Darwin

| Leadership, Technology | No Comments

This blog first appeared on What’s Darwin going to teach us about business in 2017? It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent,…

#Leadership: Pick a Struggle. Pick a Side.

#Leadership: Pick a Struggle. Pick a Side.

| Leadership, Quotes and Inspiration, Relationships, Teamwork | One Comment

Staying in the middle of the road is not good for any players involved. Your leadership will be disappointed. Your peers will notice your lack of Engagement. And you will be unhappy. Pick a Side! This blog was coauthored with Apriel Biggs

Hiring in an era where everything is digital

| Leadership, Technology | One Comment

Competence is becoming overrated as a hiring driving force. We live in a VUCA business environment — volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous — and technology has allowed executives to open up revenue streams they never thought possible. We don’t necessarily need the most competent financial guy in history; we need a financial guy who can switch between different approaches as it’s called for.

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.
– John Quincy Adams


I have had the great opportunity to work with Adam, and I really enjoyed it. Adam is very dedicated to his work, a bright and clever mind. He is efficient, and you can rely on him when he has committed to an issue. Moreover, he has a great sense of humor, he is keen about people and personalities, so it is real fun to work with him.
Bernard Barrere
Directeur des Opérations / Mercer
Adams focus on leadership, the people agenda and his absolute integrity shone through in all my interactions with Adam. Adam is an absolute pleasure to work with - he has a super sense of humour and a strong compass of what is "right". He applies great knowledge and experience to his role and will be an asset to any organisation or interaction.
Rob Houghton
Group CIO at Post Office
Adam led a complete revitalization of our global infrastructure and the CTO organization. Adam was a dynamic and assertive leader who developed a compelling vision of a future infrastructure platform and organization, sold the vision to both the technology leadership team and our key business leaders, and then executed vigorously to successfully achieve the vision.
John Elliott
Head of Operations, IT, and Business Transformation for AGCS NA

Adam L. Stanley Adam Stanley

Technology. Leadership. Food. Life.

Believer. Leader. Giver. Value driver. #Premier100Leader CIO100 on , , and . Wharton MBA. Washington University BSBA. Currently Global CIO of Cushman & Wakefield, one of the top 3 global commercial real estate and property services firms. Former CTO of Aon Corporation and Technology and Security Services Director at Aviva. Everything on this site is personal and not the views of my current or past employers or educational institutions.

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